Helping Trees Thrive

Trees need champions today more than ever before. Their survival depends on people taking action to plant and protect them. Trees filter the air and water, reduce energy use, furnish wildlife habitats, and create beauty, and they need human help to continue.


Whether exploring a newfound hobby or digging deeper into plants and nature, adults of all ages have a myriad of ways to keep learning from Arboretum experts. Invest in yourself, express creativity, and deepen your understanding of nature. Choose from a variety of nature-based programs. Discover dynamic educational experiences for all ages and interests.


The Forest Park Arboretum aims to bring learning opportunities to visitors and the general public through our work, the plant collection and educational programming. Additionally, we have assembled some useful resources for you to use as your begin your journey to explore and experience the Arboretum. Click the link below to access some useful learning resources.